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6 Advantages of Resin Models

Nov. 01, 2022

Resin has revolutionized the world of model cars with its finer detail, and soft moldings that go deep beneath and reproduce every fine texture - it is a smooth material that takes a long time to build with care and is used for small, rare items.

Let's take a look at 6 reasons why resin-model cars are becoming increasingly popular.




More realistic

Resin is a very flexible material. Due to the nature of resin, it is easier to reproduce complex shapes and curves. On resin models, the closure lines are very thin and mimic the real vehicle exactly, which means that the gaps do not spoil the lines of a beautifully designed car.

Resin, on the other hand, allows for crisp detail. Because resin castings are made of soft silicone, resin-model cars look more realistic.

In addition, resin scale model cars often require more hand work to add additional details such as antennas, seat belts, spare wheels, lighting sound effects, and a great deal of interior detail. Fabrics for seat belts and carpets are also often included and come in many different colors.


Easy to assemble

Resin model car kits can be ready for assembly in less than a day. Compared to other types of model kits, resin models are cheaper and quicker to assemble.


No zinc damage

The finish on a resin scale model car is excellent and lasts longer than a die-cast finish because the resin is generally fine and smooth, so the paint adheres better to it.


More collectible

Resin is more collectible due to its finer detailing and better paintwork. In addition, the nature of resin means that it is not possible to make as many models as possible. Limited production means that these models are even rarer and therefore more collectible.


Smaller batches are more cost-effective

Depending on the model, some models will be more accurately reproduced in resin. This is related to the molding technique, parting lines, and the complex shape of certain cars. Therefore they cannot be produced in large quantities.

As well as producing scale model cars in minimal numbers, there is even the opportunity to build customized resin model cars to your own specifications - your own dream car. This, of course, comes with a hefty price tag.


Longer life span

The resin is very strong, which makes it possible for it to be painted by hobbyists. Resin is also unaffected by exposure Resin is a good choice if you are concerned about leaving the finished model exposed to the elements.


If you are looking for the perfect shape for your model car, the resin is the best choice.

For more information about Resin model cars visit this link.

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